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The weather has definitely been all over the place lately! The temperature was in the 90s for a while there, and then it chilled again. In this unpredictable weather, beanies can shield your head from the sun or keep you warm in the cold. And, of course, they make you look hella cool. 

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Us Cal students know that California really has only two seasons- summer and slightly colder summer. But apparently someone forgot to tell that to the weather. This week it’ll be up in the high 80’s, so stay hydrated Bears!

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Us UC Berkeley students are about 4 weeks into the Fall semester now and all those 8 a.m. classes are starting to catch up to us. Stay comfortable in your morning lecture with our Berkeley sweatpants and Cal Bear shorts. They’ll take out some of the hassle of your morning routine walking thru campus and you’ll always look great in Cal gear!

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