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Getting ready for college? Instead of giving in to the stress, amp up your excitement for Cal or even just for college by paying a visit to our store. No matter your age, interests, or GPA, we have something just for you. 

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  The semester is almost over, and for some of you it's your last semester at Cal. If you or someone you know is graduating this month, you can find awesome grad gifts and alumni gear at Bear Basics! After all your hard work, you deserve something special.             

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Semesters at Berkeley have 3 phases: Welcome Week, Midterm Season, and Finals. As we enter mid-October, us Cal Bears are in the thick of Midterm Season and, let’s be honest, hardly anything else matters besides last minute studying and essay writing. So if you, like me, would rather spend those last 5 minutes before heading out on vocab memorization than making your hair look ‘Welcome Week’ perfect, slap on a Cal beanie and be on your merry, sleep-deprived way. Cheers, Bears.

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Our beloved Sather Tower, better known as the Campanile, just celebrated its 100th birthday! That’s 100 years of telling us Cal students that we’re officially almost late for class (thank you Berkeley-time!) Show your love for the ol’ Rock by wearing some official Campanile gear.

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Welcome Class of 2019 University of California Berkeley it is Calso All the incoming Freshman are in town for orientation. While you’re here in Berkeley why not get an early start on your CAL gear for your parents. Let them show off your accomplishments with their CAL mom and Cal dad sweatshirts.

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