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I don't know who I feel more sorry for....Cleveland Cavaliers or the clean up brigade? Copious amounts of confetti swarmed over Oakland on June 12th. Crowds gathered to celebrate with the champions in style! The fans attested their appreciation for all of the warriors hard work by cheering them on and wearing blue and yellow (of course) Who knew a bunch of Irish could jump on the bandwagon so quickly.  It was clear the heart throb Stephen Curry was nearby when the screaming turned to screeching!!! Can we sweep the floor against the Cavaliers for a 4th time??? OH YES...

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Irish students meet UC Berkeley for the first time, and boy were we amazed! Wandering around aimlessly in search of squirrels and breathtaking hill top views! UC Berkeley ticks all of the necessary boxes for students to have a fun chill time. If pretty buildings doesn't sway you, The Bear's Lair will surely quench your thirst! Can we stay forever? Is the question that remains for every Irish student staying in UC Fabulous!                  

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Don't be fooled by the fabulousness of this photo, this was not the look of the hundreds of Irish students herding off the Bart in downtown Berkeley. With stress levels at an all time high, the red faced aliens scurried to the nearest McDonalds in desperate need for Wifi to locate the nearest source of Four Loco. After scavenging for furniture on Craig's list, we have finally set up our lives for the summer and conquered our fear of the ever daunting Bart.  Although we got off to a rocky start, our confidence is growing and we're ready to take...

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Finals are over! Break is here! For a few weeks, you get to put away the books and catch your breath. When you head home, don't forget to bring your friends and family some souvenirs from Cal, like a "Someone at Cal loves me" shirt. And, hopefully, by the time break is over, you will be coming back refreshed and ready for more! 

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  The semester is almost over, and for some of you it's your last semester at Cal. If you or someone you know is graduating this month, you can find awesome grad gifts and alumni gear at Bear Basics! After all your hard work, you deserve something special.             

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